Our Edge

The XiAlpha™ Framework
We've modeled a proprietary framework that explains how the US equity market behaves.
The framework provides insight into the factors and relationships driving future returns to the equity index.
It enables design of rules-based tactical solutions that will outperform over the complete market cycle.


The XiAlpha™ Framework provides a coherent explanation of the key factors and inter-relationships that contribute to future equity index returns. 

Tested on over 50 years of historical data across multiple economic cycles.

Strategies using this framework have demonstrated significantly enhanced risk-adjusted returns over respective benchmarks. 

Our edge lies in the proprietary models for measuring each of these factors.

sp500 XiAlpha Tactical Allocation Framework

What does the XiAlpha™ framework tell us?

 Highlighting the return/risk profile under different market conditions.

 Diagnosing the appropriate exposure to the overall market. 

Identifying when Smart Beta factor tilts - Size, Quality, Value, and Momentum - can deliver superior risk adjusted returns.


The XIALPHA™ Tactical S&P 500 Solution - Addressing the challenge of Low and Volatile Returns

√ Current long-term return expectations for a passive S&P 500 investor are around 5% per year - about half its historical average.

√ Passive S&P 500 investors experience peak-to-trough drawdowns averaging around 20% per year - creating uncertainty about the sufficiency of your retirement portfolio.


sp500 Tactical asset allocation factsheet


  • Our XiAlpha™ Tactical S&P 500 Solution is a systematic strategy focused on navigating market cycles to achieve higher and more stable returns with lower drawdowns over the full market cycle. The strategy adjusts market exposure to match the reward/risk profile observed in our  framework and has the flexibility to be short 100% the market up to leveraged long 200%. Alternative to S&P 500 index fund.

    The goal of the XiAlpha™ Tactical S&P 500 Solution is to deliver a return over the full market cycle 5%-6% greater than the S&P 500 benchmark with lower relative volatility and smaller drawdowns. 


Tactical S&P 500 Strategy


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Other Tactical Equity Solutions

In addition to our XiAlpha™ Solutions, we offer a range of solutions from long term retirement planning solutions to theme specific stock solutions to more complex income generation strategies using put options. We only showcase solutions where we believe we have a unique edge or approach to a particular strategy.

For more information please visit our Solutions page.

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